Is the Gympie croc actually lurking somewhere in the region?

This poll ended on 08 November 2020.

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Yes - there's enough evidence to suggest they are coming this far south


No - it's all a bunch of absolute croc


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NEWS this week that wildlife officers were scouring Fraser Coast waterways for evidence of a crocodile in the area begged the age-old question - is it possible that crocs really venture this far south?

Are salties in Gympie? Picture: CAMERON BATES
Are salties in Gympie? Picture: CAMERON BATES


*Wildlife officers search for croc in Hervey Bay

*Every crocodile sighting reported in Gympie since 2010

*9 Croc Sightings in the Mary River

This week's searches were in response to several reported sightings of a crocodile lurking in the Eli Ck area.

The search didn't turn up any results - yet.

Reported sightings of a croc lurking the waterways of the Mary River has been the stuff of legend in the Gympie region for years.

Here's a recap of high-profile croc sightings in Gympie recently:

Officers monitor Inskip after croc sighting - August 2019

ENVIRONMENT and Science Department wildlife officers are monitoring the waters around Bullock Point on the Inskip Peninsula after a report of an estuarine crocodile there 10 days ago.

The croc was reported on August 4.


ABSOLUTE CROC: Mary River search finds nothing in Gympie - April 2019

DES confirmed wildlife officers searched the Mary River at Gympie after two reported crocodile sightings earlier this year.

DES logged two reports, made on February 15 and February 20, on its statewide Crocwatch archive, with the Fraser Coast region recording its first reported sighting for the year at Big Tuan Creek last Tuesday and the Gympie region opened its 2019 account with a sighting at Snapper Creek in Tin Can Bay on January 5.


Gympie Kayaker says Mary River crocodile followed him - February 2019

A FRIGHTENED kayaker says he'll "never go in the Mary River again" after he spotted what he thinks was a crocodile lurking behind him near the Gympie Weir yesterday afternoon.

Gold Coast native Geoffrey Bell - who regularly travels to the Gympie region for work - decided to head out for a paddle around 1pm from the river's entrance at the Weir near Kidd Bridge, but soon returned to the bank in a panic.

What he saw was enough to convince him he won't be going back in the water.


Saltwater crocodile Digger prepares for a feed on the Adelaide River. Picture: Che Chorley
Saltwater crocodile Digger prepares for a feed on the Adelaide River. Picture: Che Chorley

Two Cooloola Coast sightings reported to croc hotline - January 2019

AT LEAST 10 crocodile sighting reports were logged with the environment department in Wide Bay waters last year.

Waters around Boonooroo and Fraser Island were among the reported hot spots.

These statistics were revealed in the annual Croc Watch report under the State Government's Queensland Crocodile Management Plan.


Croc spotted on dirt track in Gympie forest - March 2018

FROM a dirt road in Toolara Forest to Crab Creek at Tin Can Bay, one or more crocodiles may have been sneaking around the Cooloola Coast.

It has emerged that a crocodile was reportedly sighted in two different places around Tin Can Bay last December, just days after one was allegedly in the Mary River in the heart of Gympie on December 15.


Gympie croc 'news to us' says department as probe continues - January 2018

THERE may be a crocodile in, near or visiting the inner Gympie stretch of the Mary River, but the state Department of Environment and Science says no-one has told them.

A spokesman said departmental wildlife officers conducted an assessment of a report in the Gympie Times last month and had attempted to clarify details with Gympie woman, Elenka Parkin, who said she had seen one near the Kidd Bridge.


Reptile expert says 2.5m croc at Gympie weir is no surprise - December 2017

A UNIVERSITY of Queensland professor says it is "entirely possible" a salt water crocodile is lurking in the upper reaches of the Mary River, at Gympie.

A Gympie father and son have told how they watched a 2.5m croc for some time on Wednesday when they went fishing near the weir at Kidd Bridge.


Crocs spotted in national park north of Gympie - June 2017

TWO new crocodile sightings, both at Poona, have been reported to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

A crocodile sighting at Kalah Creek in Poona National Park, about 35km south of Maryborough, was reported on May 19.

The department described it as a "belated report".


No evidence of crocs nesting in Mary River - May 2017

RANGERS say there is no sign of crocodiles breeding in the Mary River despite reports of hatchlings in the system.

In the past four months, the Department of Environment and Heritage has received reports of small crocodiles ranging between hatchling size to 1.2 metres in the river system.

This has raised the question about whether there is now a breeding pair in the Mary.

Two crocodiles previously captured and relocated were both male.


Crocodile spotted in creek - February 2017

A CROCODILE has been spotted by a member of the public north of Gympie at Bunya Creek at River Heads.

The sighting was reported to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection on January 25.


Wildlife officers are hunting for croc in Mary River - November 2016

The sighting was reported on October 19 after a man saw a crocodile, believed to measure about 3.5 metres, in the area of the Mary River and Tinana Creek.

A spokesman from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection said work was being carried out to attempt to catch the crocodile.


More crocs sighted in the Mary River - September 2016

AN investigation is underway after two small crocodiles were reportedly seen in the Mary River by a recreational fisher in the Mary River Thursday morning.

The two crocodiles, thought to be around 40cm long each, were spotted on top of debris drifting with the incoming tide in the middle of the main channel next to Baddow Island, near Maryborough.

Saltwater crocodile Digger lunges for food on the Adelaide river. Picture: Che Chorley
Saltwater crocodile Digger lunges for food on the Adelaide river. Picture: Che Chorley

The animals disappeared into the water when they were approached.


Mary River crocs - why are they so far south? - April 2016

THE search continues today for two crocodiles in the Mary River, one a gigantic 4.5m, lurking unusually further south than their normal habitat.


Legendary Tiaro crocodile returns - July 2015

The Tiaro crocodile, a salty, is back.

The long-running crocodile legend has not been subject to a confirmed, absolutely undeniable sighting this close to Gympie for 50 years.

"And in those days it was tidal," Ms Connell said yesterday.

"The barrage keeps salt water out of the river, but isn't any protection from the crocodile apparently," she said.


Rangers hunt Mary River crocodiles - July 2013

A SENIOR wildlife ranger says it is impossible to determine the sex of two crocodiles living in the upper reaches of the Mary River, north of Gympie, without physically checking the creatures.

Ranger Greg O'Neill said although there was a general size difference between males and females, the size of a crocodile depended on various factors.


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