Fuel trouble ends joy ride

AN alleged high-speed Friday night escapade may have taught one young unlicensed driver to seek a career on the right side of the law.

Gympie police yesterday listed some fundamental errors which brought the youth, 15, undone, as he careered down the Bruce Highway from Childers, accompanied by his brother, 16.

A spokesperson said police attention was first drawn to the youth, 15, when police clocked him driving through Miriam Vale at 155kmh.

That may have been his first detected mistake, although police later discovered he was driving in an unregistered and uninsured car as well, the spokesperson said.

As the youth and his brother approached the Wide Bay Highway turn-off, Gympie police attempted to deploy tyre-shredding “stingers” on the Bruce Highway to stop the vehicle.

They need not have bothered.

Another of the youth’s fundamental errors was to run out of petrol, a spokesperson said.

“He ran out of petrol before he got there,” she said.

Police headed north and intercepted him.

“There were two in the car – the 15-year-old driving and his brother, who was 16 years old.

“They will face a number of charges, including three of evading police, driving without due care and attention, four charges relating to being unlicensed and in an unregistered and uninsured car and a stealing matter,” the spokesperson said.

Police caught the youth about 8pm, she said.

Speeding and drink driving

The youth driving from Childers was not the only traffic offender detected on the highway that day.

Nine people were caught in a police LIDAR operation on the highway.

One was doing 87kmh in the 60kmh zone through Gympie, police said.

One person was charged with disorderly conduct on licensed premises about 4am.

And for those who thought all the breath testing action was focused on the Muster, Saturday saw three people charged with drink driving elsewhere in the region.

One person was charged with public drunkenness and one with driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

On Sunday, a window was smashed at Gympie State High School.

However, police found no sign of entry after checking the school premises.

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