From Tibet to Tuchekoi

ONE of the most acclaimed lineage holders in the Tibetan tradition will soon be holding a three-day retreat at Tuchekoi titled How to Recognise and Overcome Fear.

His Eminence the 7th Dzogchen Rinpoche, whose education was personally supervised by the Dalai Lama, will be in Tuchekoi as part of an annual Australian tour. This will be His Eminence's first visit to Tuchekoi. Dzogchen Rinpoche is the abbot of Dzogchen Monastery in exile in southern India and leads a further 280 branch monasteries in Tibet.

Dzogchen Rinpoche says we can be easily deceived by our “tricky” minds and he warns of the danger of always trusting our “gut feelings”, if they are not based in wisdom.

It is unwise to always trust our feelings and emotions because they are incredibly unstable and are constantly changing,” Dzogchen Rinpoche said.

Constantly talking about our emotions and analysing our thought patterns could be doing us more harm than good, according to one of the most respected Tibetan lamas alive today.

“Our emotions are like thieves that deceive us and rob us of our inner-peace but because of our reliance on them, we always return to them out of habit. Unable to resist our emotions, we are like moths attracted to the light of a fatal flame.”

Dzogchen Rinpoche adds that the habit of blindly following the mind is particularly common in the modern, developed world.

“We are encouraged in the West to always assess our emotions, in conversation we frequently ask and are asked, ‘how are you feeling?',” he said.

“However in Asian culture, especially Tibetan, ‘how are you feeling' is not something that is generally asked because of the understanding that emotions are fickle and ever changing.”

Instead of repeated emotional analysis, Dzogchen Rinpoche said we should learn to simply “rest the mind”.

He said, “When we turn our minds inwards and rest, we can experience a stability that is beyond the highs and lows of our emotions. If we make resting the mind our habit, we will no longer be fooled by our emotions and we can experience genuine wellbeing.”

Spaces are still available for the Tuchekoi retreat which started yesterday and finishes Sunday.

For more information visit the website at, phone 0416 404 826, or email

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