Frecklington’s stares down LNP’s ‘faceless men’

THE fatal flaws of the Labor Party in the 1960s – domination by “faceless men,” an inability to address the city-country divide and an amazing talent for snatching defeat from the very jaws of victory, have now been adopted by some in the LNP, it seems.

Gympie region’s western districts MP, Opposition leader Deb Frecklington, represents Gympie region from Bells Bridge to Goomeri, as well as the South Burnett areas of her Nanango electorate.

She has defied the “faceless men” who have tried to attack her leadership, in the face of a big polling lead by Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk.

Her opponents are the Brisbane-based party bureaucrats who think they are “the guys from central casting.

The last time the party organisation was dominant, Campbell Newman was elected over Anna Bligh, who could not herself beat an egg at that time.

He lost the next election because he could not beat Annastacia Palaszczuk, despite not having had to battle his own party at the time.

But now the bureaucrats seem to have dusted off Labor’s old self-destruct button.

In the guise of trying to defeat Labor they seem instead to be making the Government’s bullets.

Everyone feels the panic of poor polls, but that is no excuse for making things much worse, only a few months before an election.

The Opposition leader from Gympie region’s west is taking on the woman who beat Campbell Newman, with little enough help from Newman himself or from the backroom party hacks.

Gympie Times

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