Parliament praises the legacy of Malcolm Fraser

POLITICIANS across the political spectrum have remembered former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser during a day in parliament dedicated to his memory.

Mr Fraser died last week aged 84 after a public life well-lived, in and outside of the Canberra hothouse.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott, despite their differences of opinion, said he appreciated his wisdom "born of experience".

He said that the proceedings, where parliament stopped other business for condolence motions, were a farewell to a "complex and driven man".

Mr Abbott said Mr Fraser was a rare public personality who gained the support of "all points on the political spectrum, but almost never at the same time".

Labor leader Bill Shorten said he was "both shyer and smarter than people appreciated" and beyond the "stern visage" beat "the heart of a humanitarian".

"His concern for the welfare of the vulnerable and his belief in the equal treatment of all won Malcolm Fraser many new admirers in the long third act of his public life," he said.

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