THE State Government plans to hold a forum later this week to see if Queensland roads can be made safer.

Road safety minister Mark Bailey said nine Queensland families were suffering today following the weekend's tragic road toll.

He said  it was "entirely unacceptable".

"The government is having a safe roads forum later this week between road safety specialists and stakeholders to see what we can do to ensure that this doesn't happen again," he told media this afternoon.

"It is a very important issue to involve the whole community. It's not something that just the government can solve and we're keen to look at all options on the table for us to make sure we no longer have another tragic Easter weekend like we've had."

He said while there was a spike this Easter, long term road safety trends showed a decrease in accidents.

He also said alcohol was a factor in some of the accidents on the weekend.

"It was a spike but what we've got to do is look at all of the evidence.

"We shouldn't be ruling out any good ideas or any new ideas."

At the start of the Cabinet meeting, the Premier told ministers that eight deaths on Queensland roads was eight too many.

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