Former teacher lost family and house over meth addiction

A FORMER teacher felt like a "superwoman" when she smoked meth but it eventually led to her to a life of homelessness and addiction.

Davida Erica Toi pleaded guilty to several charges in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Friday including wilful damage and trespass, possession of a drug pipe and a breach of bail.

The court was Toi was living at an address in Barney Point with a male friend she believed to be on the lease.

Neither the man or Toi were on the lease and after some time the male left the residence leaving Toi to remain.

It was discovered Toi was squatting at the address and despite several requests she refused.

Toi was arrested on September 30. The owner attended the property and changed the locks.

Toi was released on bail under the condition she was not to attend the address unless she was accompanied by police and it was agreed upon by the owner.

Immediately Toi returned to the address, broke the new locks and remained at the address.

She was arrested again and has remained in the watch-house.

Defence lawyer Jun Pepito said Toi tried to make arrangements to pay the landlord but it fell through.

He told the court Toi had nowhere else to go and only returned to the address to collect some belongings.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella said Toi knew she had no right to attend the address.

Mr Pepito told the court Toi was once a passionate teacher with a loving family.

Mr Pepito said she fell victim to depression and began to struggle with everyday tasks.

Mr Pepito said a friend encouraged her to smoke meth, which she did and made her feel a "superwoman".

"She was able to clean her house and look after her children," Mr Pepito said.

"She didn't reach out for help...her partner found out and left with the children."

Since then Toi's life has been a downward spiral of drugs, financial distress and addiction.

The court was told almost every entry in Toi's lengthy criminal history was drug-related.

Mr Kinsella sentenced Toi to one month in jail with eligibility to apply for parole on October 21.


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