Forget something? It could be a fatal error

The RSPCA asking people to never leave dogs in the car.
The RSPCA asking people to never leave dogs in the car. shanecotee

IMAGINE: you're sitting in your favourite chair, wine in hand, and a wafting smell hits your nostrils.

A wafting burnt smell.

A smell which says your carefully planned dinner should now be used to run the Mary Valley Rattler or sold to a power plant instead of eaten.

It's the smell of forgetfulness. It's an inconvenient forgetfulness but one which can be laughed off because KFC or Hungry Jack's are open just down the road.

Now, imagine that same forgetfulness on a 33 degree day when you need to duck into the shops for a minute, and, oh look, it's George from down the street and isn't he doing well these days?

And while you're chatting with George, your dog or child is sitting in the car wondering when you'll be back.

It sounds absurd, but more than 5000 children are reportedly rescued from cars in Australia every year, and the RSPCA fields more than 1000 calls about dogs in the same position.

You might think you'd never be that careless, but research has shown it's a cruel downside of our brain's amazing ability to process many things at once.

So please, with heat simmering on the horizon take an extra moment to check your car before you leave - because unlike a burnt dinner, the outcome could be horrific.

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