Footy Show's Erin Molan fights abuse with shock campaign

IT IS a full page, close up photograph of NRL Footy Show's popular host Erin Molan -- with what looks like a painful black eye and cut lip.

Zooming in though, and the dark purple marks are tiny words, insults, orders and labels that can cost a woman her life.

The "Look At Me" campaign in Cosmopolitan magazine makes good on a vow Molan made in June when confronted domestic violence on the NRL Footy Show.

"It has to stop. It's enough," she said.

Molan has posted the image to her Instagram page, describing it as confronting yet crucial.

"Confronting... yes... Absolutely... BUT CRUCIAL... Yes and then some...

"I am one of a few women who have lent their face to @cosmoaustralia to highlight the ongoing and terrifying problem this country has with domestic violence.


"Please read this month's magazine and the chilling personal accounts of men and women who have been there.

"Physical and emotional abuse kills and no one can afford to turn a blind eye ever. Xxx'

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