Football Queensland plan to shake up Wide Bay comps

FOOTBALL Hervey Bay, Maryborough and Bundaberg could cease to operate in their current conditions within a month.

The Fraser Coast Chronicle can reveal Football Queensland has put forward a plan to improve football's governance into action.

FQ CEO Geoff Foster admitted the game had struggled to find and maintain volunteers as it continued to grow as the Wide Bay's, and Australia's, most popular sport.

"We're at the point where the sport needs to take a more active role in the management of competitions in regional Queensland or lose them," Foster said.

"We're not prepared to lose them so Football Queensland has to step up to the mark and make sure these competitions continue to be deliver. Rather than having a person in each centre to do these things, we'll centrally manage it."

It will mean FQ, and specifically Football Wide Bay, will need to depend on fewer volunteers, and could improve consistency between Football Federation Australia and local players.

It also frees up clubs to focus on the development of junior players.

"Where we have Football Maryborough Inc, Football Hervey Bay and Football Bundaberg, we're looking to take over the governance responsibilities and competition management of those three bodies," Foster said. "Football Gympie have told us they are not prepared to amalgamate into the new entity at this time and they want to maintain competition management status."

It is anticipated Football Gympie would transition to the new entity in 2018.

Football Wide Bay president Stuart Taylor said this was the next step in a process to eliminate governance and ease the burden on local associations that started two years ago.

"The current model shows a player has six levels of governance between them and the peak body, and that's simply too much, and there's too much inconsistency," Taylor said.

Taylor said the responsibility of current local administrations would be reduced to field maintenance, and ultimately replaced by a Football Queensland Wide Bay branch, which will run all Wide Bay competitions.

"Those sub-branches will be responsible for junior development, care and custody of football grounds, but FQ Wide Bay branch will be responsible for the administration of the game," Taylor said. "At the moment there are four competition administrators with a license, (under this plan) those licenses will be removed."

Clubs will vote on the new process within the next month, and Foster said he expected it to gain the minimum 75% support rate.

"Anything later than that would postpone the process by another year and I don't think that's acceptable to the clubs, us, or existing zone council," Foster said.

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