REMEMBERED: Tributes have begun to flood in for 19-year-old Dylan Hicks.
REMEMBERED: Tributes have begun to flood in for 19-year-old Dylan Hicks. Contributed

'Fly high': tributes flow for Dylan Hicks

TRIBUTES have begun to flow in for the 19-year-old Bundaberg man killed in a crash on his motorbike on Tuesday afternoon.

Dylan Hicks graduated North Bundaberg High School in 2014 and has been remembered on social media as a caring friend with "a heart of gold".


Dylan Hicks
Dylan Hicks Carolyn Archer

"To the man who made macca's the man that made sure every guy that ever hurt me knew you were my boyfriend and that I was finally happy," Liz Furby wrote.

"To the man that always looked so serious but underneath had a heart of gold, to the man who could scream higher than I could but didn't care if he sounded like a girl, to the man who (what felt like) walked across half of Moore Park to meet a puppy with me and told me his life story and I told him mine, to the man who made me smile without even trying - you meant more to me than I ever let on and it's hard to believe that you're not in this world anymore.

"To wake up and realise it wasn't a dream breaks my heart; one day we'll meet again but until then it's not goodbye it's simply 'see ya later'."

"Rest easy man, you've always been a true friend," Tyson Newland wrote.

"Always looked after my family when I left and I could never thank you enough for that.

"You're an amazing person and taken far too early, going to miss you dude.

"Fly high brother."

Nicole Mann wrote, "Dylan Hicks - A perfect example of the good die young because even the old don't grow as kind and caring as yourself...a 19-year-old boy who day in, day out helped others without ever expecting so much as a thank you in return when in today's society we all know how special that is not to mention rare to the point of extinct."

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