Fixtures touch and go

TONIGHT’S Gympie touch football fixtures are at the mercy of Mother Nature, club president Ian Sami said yesterday.

Sami said he had talked to the groundsman earlier in the week and was told unless there was some strong sunshine and absolutely no rain, the matches would have to be cancelled.

“At present, unless we get a lot of sunshine we won’t be able to play,” Sami said.

“I had a look at Field Two myself and it is a lot worst than I expected.

“We are going to need some hot, windy weather.

“It will only take a little more rain for the matches to be cancelled.

“At this stage they are still on, but a decision will be made tomorrow at midday.”

Sami also said season fees will be discussed at Thursday night’s general meeting.

“If Wednesday’s matches are cancelled it will be the third week in a row,” Sami said.

“We plan to discuss fees on Thursday, because we know the season has been shortened by the rain.”

The meeting will be held at 6.30pm at the touch football canteen and all players are invited to attend.

6pm: F1 Ag Solutions vs The Cardinals (W Lawson, M Dore); F2 Steelers vs MCK (R Potter, N Dresher); F3 Young Guns vs Touch Ups (B Hogue, J Crick); F4 P&N Electrical vs Splice Girls (K Grills, S Connell); F5 The Team vs Apex (I Sami, B Waugh). 7pm: F1 Stirling Homes vs Benchwarmers (A Williams); F2 Ray White Wild Things vs Bags & Gifts (J Harney, M Heaton); F3 Horgan & Petty vs Gympie Welding Works (J Sami, B Hogue); F4 Briggs Plastering vs Sluggers (J Grimish, J Hogue); F5 DWC Devils vs Charlies (M Yarrow, A Sorenson). Four Mile Sandstone Ladies and Nescafe Men have the bye. A Level 1 Referees course will be held on March 28. Names to admin.

Check out the club’s website, for a decision on whether tonight’s matches will go ahead.

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