Nancy Evans at the Vantage Road/highway intersection.
Nancy Evans at the Vantage Road/highway intersection. Renee Pilcher

Call made to fix highway

GYMPIE region residents on the city’s north side and beyond are campaigning for a series of highway safety improvements which they say are long overdue in a rapidly growing and very busy traffic area.

Safety campaigner Nancy Evans yesterday gathered residents of her street and nearby to raise their concerns about most of the Bruce Highway intersections between Gympie golf course and Chatsworth.

“There are about 21 road turn-offs and 18 private property entries along less than 20km of the highway heading north,” she said on site at her area of personal concern, the T-intersection of Vantage Road with the highway.

Residents say they have welcomed the safety improvements associated with lowering the speed limit to 90kmh along much of the route.

GYMPIE residents from the golf course northwards say there are still 13 significantly dangerous intersections in the 90kmh zone in their area and one further north at Greenhaigh Road, in the 100kmh zone.

Ms Evans, who lives in Vantage Road, gathered nine residents of her street and nearby areas yesterday, to demonstrate their concerns.

She listed the troublesome highway intersections as Fleming, Fraser, Benson, McCullough, Robert, Fritz and Vantage roads.

Fleming Road had been the scene of a previous multiple fatality and Vantage Road had seen accidents and “many near misses”.

“Robert Road is a very scary turn-off if you are coming from the north.

“Fraser Road is a heavy transport route and there are problems with others also.

“There was a previous fatal at Irvine Road, Rammut Road is okay but has had a fatal accident, Fisherman’s Pocket Road has seen previous serious accidents, Horton Road is better but still the scene of a recent fatal accident and others in the past.

“Spring Valley Road has seen a fatality and there have been previous fatalities at Bells Bridge,” she said..

Other residents supported her concerns at yesterday’s demonstration.

“I’ve seen a lot of the history of the Vantage Road intersection and I’ve heard all of it.

“I live across the highway and I’ve heard it first hand.

“You hear truck horns, the screeching of brakes and you think, every time, ‘What’s happening now?’

“It just gets on your nerves.”

Ron Stephens says “it’s especially bad in the late afternoons when the caravans are pulling into the rest area to spend the night.

“During school holidays and when the Victorians are moving away from winter, there’s danger here all the time.”

Ms Evans says she wants urgent Main Roads action.

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