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Five tips to prepare for the NDIS

News Corp Australia

WHETHER the NDIS is rolling out in your region tomorrow, in six months or in a year, you need to start getting ready now.

Pre-planning is vital to ensure you know exactly what you want and need before you have a program tailored to suit you.

Here are five tips to get ready for the NDIS:

1.       Assess your situation: Write down your current needs, the current support you receive, anything else you require or would make life easier. Gather all the information you can about your disability including medical assessments and reports. If you don't have access to any records, don't worry, your NDIS caseworker can help you arrange them.

2.       Think ahead: What do you want your future look like? Think about the perfect scenario, what you hope to achieve and any ideas on what you might need to get there.

3.       Day in the life: Diarise a typical day or week in your life. Ensure you include any barriers you face, any support you receive etc.

4.       Network: Where possible, try to connect with other people and families in a similar situation as you. Compare notes and seek various perspectives. This will help you better understand what others are doing, any things you may not have considered, or types of support you could also be entitled to.

5.       Research: Become familiar with the language associated with the NDIS. Understand what the various components are and what certain terms mean. Keep up to date with information on our website. Start looking at providers in your area so you are familiar with who they are and their principals.

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