First novel is a fantasy come true for Gympie's Sarah Earl

DEBUT NOVEL: Gympie author Sarah Earl has released the first in a series of fantasy novels.
DEBUT NOVEL: Gympie author Sarah Earl has released the first in a series of fantasy novels.

GYMPIE author Sarah Earl has just released her debut fantasy novel.

Sarah, who moved to Gympie five years ago with husband Steve and their three young children, had been working on The Rise of Darkness for two years before it was picked up by a London publisher.

An avid reader of fiction fantasy who loves to immerse herself in the worlds created by the authors of those books, Sarah is currently completing a degree at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Sarah Earl
Sarah Earl

The first in a series, The Rise of Darkness is about the coming apocalypse - the battle between good and evil, angels and demons, and the people who become drawn into that war.

Kess Grayson is the protagonist of the story, unsure of her place in the world she breaks with the traditions of the Chroniclers - those who strive to collect and protect caches of knowledge - and befriends the Guardians, warriors tasked with protecting her brethren.

After Kess becomes the victim of a demon attack she finds herself in the middle of a war which has been raging for millennia.

Sarah said she has always enjoyed stories which take well-known myths and legends and give them a twist.

"I have incorporated this precept into The Rise of Darkness novel and the following books in the series,” she said.

"I have almost completed the second of the series which I hope will be published late next year.

"I wouldn't have been able to write this novel without the support and encouragement of my husband.”

Sarah said she and her family loved living in Gympie because it was close enough to the Sunshine and Gold Coasts, yet far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the busy tourist areas.

The Rise of Darkness is available for sale on Amazon, at the Eumundi Markets and from The Rise of Darkness facebook page @theriseofdarknessbooks.

The Rise of Darkness is published by Austin Macauley. For more information, visit

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