Festivals committee good as gold

VACANT positions on the Gympie Gold Rush Festival's management committee were filled at the annual general meeting on Wednesday.

Re-elected president Jan Collins said she was very pleased with her new team, known for their business acumen, social networking, hard work and progressive forward planning.

"All talented and ideas people needed to progress Gold Rush into the future," she said.

Mrs Collins also thanked past former vice president Terry Daw for his support in 2011. She said there could be no doubt that 2011 brought a unique set of challenges for festival organisers

"Despite losing major sponsorship, we had storms, we had resignations, new staff and yet we still managed to put on a festival. The fact that we did is due to a lot of hard work by a very few people. But this cannot last forever. People wear out, become disenchanted, fall ill or simply can't afford to be as involved as they might like.

"It is a fact that times are changing and, if Gold Rush is to survive, it too must change. Indications are that 2012 will be a challenging year, some of our programs may need to be modified or even dropped altogether."

A major change to the committee is the appointment of two vice presidents. One is responsible for membership and the other for operational matters. Both of these positions are considered essential for the future of Gold Rush, Mrs Collins said

"We need members (volunteers) who are prepared to make a meaningful contribution to this association. It seems no one wants to help, but will criticise when we don't get it right.

"I call on all members to recommit to Gold Rush, to take the extra step and together, we can look forward to 2012 with renewed vigour and optimism."

Become a Gold Rush member at goldrush.org.au

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