Resident opposed to the feedlot Russell Seears pictured at Kinbombi Falls, a camping site situated near the recently approved development.
Resident opposed to the feedlot Russell Seears pictured at Kinbombi Falls, a camping site situated near the recently approved development. Renee Pilcher

Feedlot finally gets go-ahead

AN application to establish a 499-head feedlot at Kinbombi, east of Goomeri, has been approved some three years after the initial application was lodged with the former Kilkivan Shire Council.

At Gympie Regional Council’s Planning and Development Committee meeting on Wednesday, the decision was made to allow PAD Partners to proceed with the Kinbombi Road feedlot after they were required to relocate the development closer to Wide Bay Highway following concerns about its proximity to the Goomeri Weir.

Submissions included 10 objections, two petitions and six letters of support.

The Department of Employment, Economic Development and Innovation (DEEDI) did not originally support the application due to the proximity to the Goomeri Weir and an inappropriately sized effluent pond.

The proposed feedlot was subsequently relocated to another site on Kinbombi Road, about 1.3 kilometres closer to the Wide Bay Highway.

Conditional approval was then granted by DEEDI in August of this year, with eight pages of conditions.

These conditions include, restricting capacity and stocking densities and detailed record keeping, prescribe construction standards of the feedlot area, detail specific operational requirements such as pen cleaning and cattle feeding, maintenance of the manure pad, restrict the depth of the manure pack to 50mm, detail the runoff dispersal area, address water quality, regulate waste management and carcass disposal, protect amenity of the vicinity and monitor, record and report on the activity.

Cr Ian Petersen said there were now “fairly stringent conditions” in place as well as the normal ongoing monitoring process feedlots were subjected to.

During discussion, Cr Watt raised the point that the development was close to the Kinbombi Falls camping area, which was an area worthy of protecting.

However, Cr Perrett said the area was not a designated tourist site, but gazetted as a camping watering reserve.

Cr Watt said it had the potential to be a tourist site.

Issues raised by objecting submitters included that the development was too close to neighbouring properties, drainage from the feedlot would run into a small gully on the southern side and then in to Kinbombi Creek, the development was too close to Kinbombi Falls and camping area and the development was too close to the Goomeri town water supply.

The application was passed with only Cr Watt voting against the motion, however a division was not called.

The Gympie Times contacted Kinbombi Road resident Russell Seears, who opposed the proposed feedlot, for his view on the approval, however Mr Seears said he did not want to comment on the matter at this point.

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