THE NEW FACE OF FEAR: Dylan Steele at Winter Trees on Mary.
THE NEW FACE OF FEAR: Dylan Steele at Winter Trees on Mary. Craig Warhurst

Fear of Gympie's winter trees goes on as MPs get involved

WARWICK, the Queensland city famous for frigid weather, roses and its profound feelings of insecurity, continued to bleat yesterday about the success of Gympie's winter night shopping experiment in Mary St last week.

Flatteringly enough, The Warwick Daily News made reference to Gympie in its report on the $2.5 million economic boost from its Jumpers and Jazz Festival.

Obviously shivering in his or her shoes (and not just from the weather), the writer said this success came despite the obviously fearful competition posed by one simple Gympie night out.

It was, the report said, "despite a copycat event running in Gympie".

Promoted by Mary St businesses and led by Bella Casa owner Tony Goodman, Gympie's Winter Trees on Mary event apparently had them terrified.

Yesterday, Gympie MP Tony Perrett welcomed the suggestion of one fearful Warwick blogger that our Winter Trees on Mary shopping event was a matter warranting discussion at the highest levels of Queensland politics.

"I'm a little surprised that they appear to be so upset," he said.

"The Winter Trees on Mary was a wonderful event and the organisers should be congratulated.

"I note that local Warwick commentators are suggesting that their local member (Lawrence Springborg) should have a chat to me.

"I'd be only too happy to chat with Lawrence about the success of the event here in Gympie. Perhaps I will invite him to it next year!"

Meanwhile, one blogger said the huge success of the Warwick festival made it an obvious target for imitation.

"Gympie could scarcely be blamed for wanting a boost of such proportions," he wrote.

But attempts at imitation would always fail, the poor man said.



Kerry Aitken: Warwick is being way too precious and the comment is actually quite stupid. Warwick holds a festival that goes over many days. It's a festival that people would take a weeks holiday, travel to Warwick and participate in all that it offers. We had a one night celebration to encourage locals back to their main street. Untwist your knickers Warwick and just relax.

Kerry Aitken: I should also add that we don't need to copy anyone regarding how to run a festival. Have you ever heard of The Gympie Music Muster Warwick.

Sandra Chilly: Why not hold a "Save Mary Street" festival..and really give Warwick something to whinge

Melissa Bartlett: Warwick's is great though. Feeling slightly embarrassed for Gympie Events team though. Bambette Kerr Low news weeks are fun. Fake town rivalries. Hilarious.

Chanice Hancock: Good grief.

Leanne Jones-pfitzner: Sounds like a challenge

Lesley Carlson: that story took me from irk - to very VERY large smile! up yours Warwick

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