File photo of Todd Parnell.
File photo of Todd Parnell. Sunshine Coast Daily

Fatal punch was “just a reaction”: Hung

THE man on trial accused of killing junior Bronco Todd Parnell with a single punch at a 21st party on Bribie Island told police he blocked a punch first.

Wally James Hung, who went to school with Mr Parnell, told police just hours after the incident that the punch he threw was "just a reaction".

Hung said he saw Mr Parnell having words with his friend Peter Gale on the makeshift dance floor near a juke box.

He said he saw Mr Parnell punch Mr Gale, knocking him to the ground, and rushed over.

"I just got really mad because he's Todd. He'll sh** all over Pete," he said in a police interview shown in Brisbane Supreme Court on Wednesday.

"I just wanted to stop it and I swear he did throw a punch because I blocked it."

Hung has pleaded not guilty to manslaughter in the early hours of July 26, 2009, at the Warrigals clubhouse at Bongaree.

The jury trying his case could begin deliberating on Thursday.

Mr Gale told the court he was on his way to the toilet when Mr Parnell "nudged" his shoulder.

"I thought nothing of it, I grinned and then I copped a smack in the mouth," he said.

"It split my lip. I was dazed.

"When I came to, (Todd) was on the ground."

Mr Gale said he and Hung were chased away and ran 10km to Hung's brother's house.

He said one of the men pursuing them punched he and Hung repeatedly in the head.

Hung, a brickies labourer at the time, had grown up playing football at the club with Mr Parnell and many of the 70 to 100 people there that night.

He estimated he had 14 alcoholic drinks but was not too drunk, despite thinking the assault occurred between 8.30pm and 9.30pm when it happened at 2.18am.

When asked why he had the time so wrong, Hung said time flew.

He said he suspected the punch was "probably pretty hard" because his "whole body weight" followed the punch.

When asked about the "one punch can kill" campaign, Hung said he had seen the ads and knew he "shouldn't have hit him".

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