Cheyne Turner-Goodman, 21, was killed in a ute crash in Caloundra on October 2.
Cheyne Turner-Goodman, 21, was killed in a ute crash in Caloundra on October 2. Contributed

Family, friends to farewell father-to-be killed in crash

FAMILY members of fatal crash victim Cheyne "Cheyno" Turner-Goodman have been able to find some moments of joy in their mourning of the young father-to-be.

His grandmother Beth Dancing Free said the stories shared by Mr Turner-Goodman's mates since his crash death on October 2 had been comforting.

Ms Dancing Free said people had called, sent messages and dropped in to see her and Mr Turner-Goodman's mother Liz Turner.

She said they spoke of the 21-year-old's generosity and willingness to help his mates.

"It's been an absolute joy to understand just how widely loved Cheyno was by so many people," Ms Dancing Free said.

"That's been particularly heart-warming to Liz and myself to hear these stories."

She will draw on her skills as an authorised civil celebrant today when she facilitates Mr Turner Goodman's farewell "celebration of life".

It will be held at Gregson and Weight's Caloundra chapel from 1pm.

She expected she could get emotional but knew she had the strength to do it.

"It's an absolute honour."

She said friends and family were welcome to attend to pay their respects at the service but she asked they not bring flowers.

Instead, she asked they consider donating to a fund set up for Mr Turner-Goodman's unborn child.

His partner Rebecca Dickinson was about nine weeks pregnant when he died.

"It's going to be a long journey ahead for Bec and bubba," Ms Dancing Free said.

She said some people had already generously donated.

"That money can just be there for whatever is necessary for the child's journey."

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