Landlord shuts down party

A LANDLORD, who found out from Facebook that his young tenants were planning a party for Friday night, turned up uninvited and shut it down before guests arrived.

The party was supposed to be a housewarming for a Station Road rental property that had been rented by a group of youths who moved in recently.

They advertised the party on Facebook, which was brought to the landlord’s attention and cancelled.

A large number of youths ended up roaming the streets on Friday night and some of them “made a nuisance of themselves... probably because the party was cancelled,” Sergeant Scott Poole said.

He said there were a few street disturbances on Friday night and Saturday morning involving youths who he suspected were supposed to be at that party.

“Police officers spoke with a number of youths in Garrick Street and Cartwright Road after a disturbance at Reg English Tennis Courts,” he said.

“(The station) received a number of calls from local residents about youths making a nuisance of themselves around town.”

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