Councillor Glen Hartwig
Councillor Glen Hartwig Renee Albrecht

'Expect more increases after 2 revised Rattler budgets'

Letters to the Editor

CR MICK Curran's statement that there had been a robust plan developed for the Rattler redefines the meaning of robust.

The fact that we have had two "new Budgets” and we know there will be further increases suggests the "robust” and detailed business plan had about as much fibre as custard.

Perhaps Cr Curran could tell the rate payer the expected cost of the rattler or is he flying blind with your money?

Tell the rate payer why councillors were not given all reports into the condition of the track before he committed council to it?

Not giving these answers to the rate payer could be seen as arrogant and disrespectful, it is after all your money he is spending.

Honesty and openness might be a good policy for council to adopt.

Glen Hartwig,

Gympie Regional Councillor


Regional areas abandoned

I HAVE heard that the Gympie Bypass section of the Bruce Highway, a 30km stretch and the last of the four stages, is to be put off and is now earmarked for completion by 2025.

The State and Federal Governments have just announced another section to be upgraded, why don't they finish the one they already started and relieve the pressure on everybody moving through Gympie?

Another situation where regional areas are abandoned and this is blatant as the south east Sunshine Coast sections have been done.

Can you please confirm and advise people the community of this.

Susan Anderson,



Don't destroy our energy future

SINCE none of us are experts in all things, we have to make decisions about what information seems true and verifiable and what seems suspicious and doubtful.

To some of your correspondents and members of the government, science and experts are suspicious and doubtful whilst what people with unsubstantiated opinions and apparently lots of money say is true and verifiable.

If this had been the prevailing philosophy over history, we would have remained in the stone age because science would have never emerged.

The only way one could not understand the dire ramifications of continuing to dig up and sell our coal or advocate new coal fired power plants is to be either corrupted or wilfully ignorant of the last decades of scientific work. There is no excuse for either.

Economically, leaving coal, oil and gas in the ground makes sense because clean energy with storage is cheaper and more dependable than any fossil fuels and the gap continues to grow.

Currently, clean energy employs many more people per KWH than fossil fuels. Socially, clean energy is less centralised so power grids are less vulnerable to inevitable malfunctions and blackouts.

Environmentally, clean energy does not help push the average global temperature +2 degrees over the last millennium average.

Scientists predict serious consequences if it does. This is all verifiable. Why are we letting despairing right wing politicians destroy our energy future?

Steve Hall,



Stop the Rattler now

IT'S not the Mayor's fault he is just way out of his depth, he's never been in business, never had to make a profit.

I refer to the general decision making process of council but particularly the looming disaster that is the Rattler.

The facts are these:

Council made application to the State Government for funding under a standard regional program; State threw it out because the business plan didn't stack up.

The ink was hardly dry on the 150 page report when council increased the amount required from $10 odd million to $12 odd million.

Latest budget brings in economic development levy that Mayor explained will be used for the Rattler for three years and after that can be used for other projects. This three years doesn't take account of recent increase (odds on future increases are 10 to 1 on by the way).

Mayor Mick Curran and councillor James Cochrane with some good news about the Valley Rattler.
Mayor Mick Curran and councillor James Cochrane with some good news about the Valley Rattler. Renee Albrecht

The incredible arrogance of the report was that it stated that after 10 years, Rattler operation would be making a profit and cited Puffing Billy and Silver bullet as examples. The report didn't explain that these two Australian icons have never made money; good grief, Aurizon has never made a profit and our Mayor thinks he is going to with the Rattler!

Why does Cr Curran think he's going to make a profit? Because he's going to get 30,000 plus visitors a year riding this economic wonder. And pigs might fly. And the majority of the community is still is favour of the Rattler. Yeah, right.

Mayor Mick finally did an unconventional deal with his new best friend and well-armed Labor leader in waiting, Jackie Trad.

The burning question for rate payers (shareholders) is whether the State will stump up any of the extra dough required, and the bucket loads required but yet to be identified, and is the State contribution still forth coming now that the railway won't be operating before the election (which was kinda why Jackie put up the money, really).

As a display of unbiased comment, I should add that Glen Hartwig's criticism at this point, after such a long silence, indeed, a sponsor of original proposal and as councillor responsible for economic development, is a bit over the top.

Our rates, levies and user pays schemes are increasingly making our region unattractive to investment - $13+ million would replace the Coondoo Bridge and construct the Spray Park in Tin Can Bay. Perhaps get on with the sealing of Counter Road.

Stop the Rattler now (where's getup! when you need them?) 

Peter Todd,

Tin Can Bay


Rattler costs outweigh the benefits

AS A rate payer I am glad to see two elected members, Glen Hartwig and Hilary Smerdon, take a stand for the residents in our community and wish other elected members would do the same when they know something is not right. 

This whole Rattler issue is going to cost us the rate payers for years to come, and for what gain? A few tourist dollars? 

Costs are out-weighing the benefits and Cr Curren is too blind to see it and too deaf to listen to rate payers, let alone professional opinions regarding this.

I believe a full review of all decisions related to this council needs to happen before we are left in huge debt.

Leanne Jones-Pfitzner,

Long Flat

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