PLENTY TO DO: Sailboats on the lagoon.
PLENTY TO DO: Sailboats on the lagoon.

Excitement a real net effect

STANDING perched on a platform high above the ground, arms stretched out towards a swinging bar while the net beckons below, I wonder just what I have got myself into.

I could feel the nervous butterflies begin their anxious fluttering as I climbed the ladder. But now that I have reached the platform, I can feel the butterflies flapping up a storm, their wings beating in time to my thumping heart. With a few encouraging words from the professionals standing next to me on the platform, I take a deep breath, grab the bar and jump off.

Exhilaration flushes through my body and I let out a triumphant "wooo" as I continue swinging before dropping to the net (in my mind I imagine a graceful acrobatic landing, but the reality is probably far less so). I'm at Cirque Espace at Novotel Twin Waters Resort.

The circus school is run by a team of seasoned pros who provide classes on a variety of circus skills from juggling to static trapeze, flying trapeze, tightwire and bungee trampoline.

The energetic and exhilarating circus school is just one of the many activities adults and kids can engage in during their stay at the resort.

For a scooter ride with a difference, try out Xperience Segway. Just like the motorised vehicle Kevin James zips around on in Paul Blart Mall Cop, the two-wheeled segways rely on balance to operate. Lean slightly forward to move forward, rock back to stop and steer with the handlebar.

An instructional DVD before we jump on the machines warns of the need for caution. I suddenly find myself nervous again. But the machines are easy to operate and with balance, you're their master.

A guided tour around the bushland and resort grounds is picturesque and quite relaxing, despite having to stand up the entire time to operate the segway.

The resort's centrepiece is a lagoon, just behind Twin Waters beach. Watercraft such as kayaks and catamarans colourfully line the lagoon beach where eager and excited kids (and big kids) wait to sail them. From my room, I can sit on the balcony and soak up all the action while kicking back and relaxing.

I am staying in a Lagoon Suite which is like a private lakehouse.

It's large and spacious with a beautiful spa bath and queen bed as well as comfy lounge, day beds and a big TV. Outside, the balcony juts out over the water. It is raining the night I arrive and as I settle into the couch with a glass of wine, listening to the pitter-patter of raindrops on the roof, I feel like a character in one of Nicholas Sparks' romantic films.

All I need is Ryan Gosling or Channing Tatum and the image would be complete.

The resort features a number of dining options from the casual to the formal. Meals are served among drinks in the bar, with buffet breakfast and themed buffet dinners at Nouveau, as well as a deli café and a take-away option for those who don't want to stay too long outside their rooms.

The jewel in the eating crown is Lily's on the Lagoon. A popular venue for wedding receptions, the restaurant has panoramic lagoon views and opulent décor. The menu spans a range of cuisines and utilises fresh local produce.

We are treated to a feast of delicious meals served like a fancy family dinner. Lamb cutlets, fish with a banana curry sauce to die for, Asian-style salads, and scallops fill the table. Manu would most definitely approve. A honeycomb cheesecake is pure heaven and more than worth the next morning's gym session.


How much: Current specials include overnight accommodation in a resort room with a garden view from $259 with buffet breakfast for two and buffet dinner for two at Nouveau restaurant.

For something for the family, a family-size resort room starts from $229 and includes buffet breakfast for two adults and two kids, two kids' club sessions and bike hire.

Perfect for: A couples romantic getaway or a family holiday filled with activities.

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