Event looks at workforce future

COMMUNICATION and leadership specialist Kellie Mills will be the keynote speaker at a staffing and recruitment event in the Gympie Civic Centre this evening, facilitated by the Gympie Regional Council.

The workforce planning event will look at future needs and identify strategies to help Gympie businesses with their staffing and recruitment issues.

Ms Mills will speak on generational communications, which she describes as a "hot (and sometimes heated) topic in the workplace".

"Effective relationships between Baby Boomers, Generation X-ers and Generation Y-ers are essential for every organisation," she says.

"Understanding how to make this happen is not as difficult as you might think."

Ms Mills will address dealing with communication issues that arise between generations. Her session will include practical tools and strategies to help organisations experiencing difficulty in this area.

She will discuss how to understand the generational cultures, how to understand what motivates each generation in the workplace and how to cross the communication divide.

A series of workshops will also be held on employing and working with mature age workers, recruiting and retaining staff, business capability statement development and working with Gen X-ers and Y-ers.

Inquiries to Corrie McColl at 5480 3601.

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