Letters: Domestic Violence Royal Commission reveals obvious

Letters: THE first Royal Commission into domestic violence in Australia's history, in Victoria, has revealed what all battered spouses have known from 1788: that relationship violence is endemic in our adopted culture. It has only taken 230 years of soul-destructive suffering for victims to have this addressed.

In the Middle Ages, women and children had no status and were not included in the statistics.

Now that Pandora's box has been opened, it is time to address the anomalies in our culture which discriminate between male and female.

The "glass ceiling" in multi-national corporations, the inequitable wages for males and females and the imbalanced, over-representation of men in our political culture, have their roots in a patriarchal system where men call the tune.

Protection orders, subject to the goodwill of the perpetrators, must be enforced, with special courts providing free legal aid to victims.

Victims suffer repeated attacks while waiting for the system to act.

The very inaction, delays and failure by the authorities to make offenders face real and severe consequences, either through the court system or legislation, has condoned this epidemic for centuries.

Minimising the effect this has on the next generation results in children learning from their significant others and role models that violence is empowering.

The inter-generational problem of relationship violence is learnt by osmosis.

In third world countries, where religion denies females a voice, it is more horrific; the authorities turn a blind eye and abuse is carried out with impunity. In the USA, people who commit relationship violence are dealt with by the criminal law system.

For too many years in our nation, people regarded what went on behind closed doors as none of their business.

The euphemisms calling criminal assault "domestic violence" minimised the crime and condoned the anti-social behaviours which destroy families and relationships.

It is a many-faceted crime, including physical, verbal, financial and psychological abuse. The rate of spousal homicide today is a red light which cannot be ignored.

Domestic violence is criminal assault. Domestic violence cannot be glossed over and reduced to a minor charge.

It is a massive global phenomenon, destroying lives and tearing down our society from within, simply because authorities have failed to acknowledge it as the evil and lethal cancer it is. Silence in the face of evil, is itself evil.

E. Rowe,


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