Engeman’s 5% rate cut

GYMPIE mayoral candidate Graham Engeman blew the competition away in yesterday's election promise auction.

Going straight for the red button issue in the poll - rates - Mr Engeman said: "I believe we can knock 5% off the general rate."

And he says this is achievable, because of rates increases in recent years and a high level of cash reserves in the council coffers.

"I've talked to Ron Dyne and to the CEO (Bernard Smith).

"There are certainly plenty of reserves there."

Mr Engeman says rates have increased by more than it may appear just looking at the percentages.

"It compounds every time. It goes up from a higher base.

"It's hard for a lot of people and a rates increase will help not only property owners but tenants, because it will help keep rents down.

"The other thing I'm a stickler for is waste.

"You have to be able to work with your staff and talk to them to get the best result.

"The community deserves the best service for their rates.

"You have to work with people, resolve their issues and serve them, as you would in any other business.

"That's what I do and what I've done for years.

"Service is what I do.

"A lot of people also recognise that it is not just the person you vote for that has to work for the community, but their family as well.

"My wife, Margaret has talked to Dulcie Dyne about what's involved in stepping into the role she performed.

"That's a big part of what people expect," he said.

Mr Engeman said he was glad the election was being held early, but was concerned that "people are going to be confused" by the coincidence of a mayoral election with the state poll.

"I like the idea of postal voting because I never liked polling booths, but the state election will have booth voting.

"It would be better if there was only one election going on, not two," he said.

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