Ellynie-May Rasborsek.
Ellynie-May Rasborsek.

Geeks love Beauty Ellynie-May

BEING locked up in a mansion with seven other beauties and eight geeks, along with a chef, a stylist, a make-up artist and a hairdresser was one of the best experiences of Ellynie-May Rasborsek's life.

Except the 20-year-old was being followed around by television cameras and took part in several challenges, all in the name of the second season of Beauty and the Geek Australia.

Ellynie-May, obviously a beauty, said the main reason she even applied online for the show was because a friend said she would be good in it.

“I have only really done dancing and modelling. I have never really been an actor but have always been interested in the reality TV side of things,” she said.

“I was just so happy to be short listed, let alone actually get into the mansion. I wanted to apply because the show aims to prove stereotypes wrong and I wanted to show people that I am not stuck up and that I do work hard. I am pretty down to earth and I think I was completely myself during the whole process.

“There is $100,000 prize money at the end of it for the winner, but I didn't go on it for the money, not even for a second.”

The soon-to-be star of the small screen left Grafton in early August to film the show, and while she cannot give away much of what the contestants were put through, or even which ‘Geek' she was partnered with, Ellynie-May said it was the experience of a lifetime.

“I lived and worked as a dancer in India last year and I honestly thought nothing would top that, but this definitely has,” she said.

Being away from home in India was a challenge in itself, but Ellynie-May said she could call home as often as she liked. With Beauty and the Geek, they were put into total lockdown.

“We had no contact with the outside world at all. We weren't allowed phones and we had no access to technology. I was also in the mansion during the election so I had to do a postal vote,” she said.

“The hardest part though was not being able to call my mum and be like ‘oh my god, mum, I did this, how cool' and we weren't allowed to take pictures either which I'm a bit sad about.”

During the challenges, Ellynie-May said, they covered everything from aviation, maths, archaeology and legal issues for the beauties and then beauty, fashion and make-up designs for the geeks.

“The first challenge involves flying and some beauty things,” she said, and refused to shed any more light.

She did say, though, all of the people in the mansion had a great relationship.

The show will begin airing some time next month on the Prime Network.

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