Elly Awesome presents: Oceanhorn, the Zelda game that isn't

ELLY Awesome of AppChat presents Oceanhorn, an iOS exclusive game that's filling the void left by the lack of a Zelda game on smartphones.

Gameplay by Cornfox & Bros and FDG Entertainment.

This game is available on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

>> Check out the official site for Oceanhorn

Oceanhorn is available on the iTunes App store for $9.49 at the time of publication.

Elly or better known as "Elly Awesome" loves to entertain people. Whether that be by sharing her love of technology and gadgets, the latest app she's found, talking about how sleep deprivation makes you act crazy, showing people how she keeps fit and is active outdoors or dancing like a fool in public just for a laugh.

With her high production value videos and down-to-earth, fun personality people always come back for more.

Elly has been featured in print media such as "Marie Clarie magazine", "That's Life Magazine", "The Saturday Telegraph Newspaper(Sydney)" and "MX Newspaper".

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