Gympie voters have their say on who will win Wide Bay.
Gympie voters have their say on who will win Wide Bay. Troy Jegers

ELECTION: What the Wide Bay voters said

The Gympie Times ventured out among Wide Bay voters and volunteers today to get their thoughts on the 2019 Federal Election.

Here's what voters had to say:

Damien Gainsford: I still believe the LNP will return to government I think the campaign has been some what quiet in Wide Bay but I think Llew has done a fantastic job, very happy it's over. Isn't everyone?

Damien Gainsford.
Damien Gainsford. Troy Jegers

Tarsha Johnstone: I will stick with Llew O'Brien, he is a local and that's a good thing, I don't take too much notice of the campaigning but I'm happy it is all over.

Tarsha Johnstone.
Tarsha Johnstone. Troy Jegers

John Barker: I'm backing Jason Scanes for the membership of Wide Bay, I'm not sure whether he will win but we put in a real big effort to try and get him across the line. I think we have had a good a fair campaign between respective members and I'm really glad it's over.

John Barker.
John Barker. Troy Jegers

Mark Bleyerveld: I think Llew O'Brien is going to win Wide Bay. With the reduced margin I think ALP is going to win nationally, the campaign has gone pretty well throughout Wide Bay, it'll be good to be finished. I'll be sitting down with a bottle of wine watching the ABC tonight.

Mark Bleyerveld.
Mark Bleyerveld. Troy Jegers

Francoise Gregory: Of course I would like to see Llew O'Brien win, I'm working for Llew, he's done so much for the community and the state, the campaign has done really well. I've been at the Senior Citizens Centre working for the past few weeks. It's been a great campaign in Gympie, I will be have to have a good sleep in tomorrow.

Francoise Gregory.
Francoise Gregory. Troy Jegers

Trent Ashford: I'd like to see the coalition win but I don't follow it enough, in my opinion there only here to look after themselves especially federal politics I'm glad it's over for another 4 years.

Trent Ashford.
Trent Ashford. Troy Jegers

Gary McClintock: I think it's going to be a very close race but I think Llew O'Brien will be successful, everyone has done a great job of campaigning and I'm very happy it's all over.

Gary McClintock.
Gary McClintock. Troy Jegers

Janine, a volunteer for Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party, explained why she decided to support the cause.

"I've been voting for many years ... and I've watched the merry-go-round, and it's got worse. (Anning's) not bowing down, he's staying strong, he's a lovely man,” she said.

She said she had observed most voters heading straight for the booths and passing up how to vote cards.

Gympie election -
Gympie election - Troy Jegers

"Most people are not needing them (how to vote cards), they've made up their minds and they're not taking them. Most people walk in and they've made up their mind and we love that. It's good people are showing an interest.”

A Pauline Hanson's One Nation volunteer described Hanson as "down to earth”.

"She says it as it is, she doesn't care what the media are going to say, she doesn't care what all this mob is going to say. She looks out for us, she's fair dinkum.”

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