Our women deserve action. Now.


PRIME Minister Scott Morrison's press conference yesterday - albeit too late in the eyes of many - must be a turning point for our nation.

The recent and shocking revelations rocking Parliament House in Canberra has made public the serious problem Australia has on its hands.

The uproar from women across the nation about the way they are treated has reached fever pitch.

The Brittany Higgins incident, the rape allegations levelled against Attorney-General Christian Porter and the lewd sex acts inside the office of a female member of Parliament portray a toxic culture inside the one place which is meant to lead the way for Australia and our people.

The outrage is now so great that it led to our most powerful person - Mr Morrison - breaking down in tears when talking about the issue.



Regardless of what some people think, they were genuine tears from a man who - regardless of his position - understands the important role women play in our lives.

Australia has made great strides in recent years when it comes to equality but it is abundantly clear that we have a long way to go.

Every person deserves to go to work and feel safe.

What will be argued is it is not all men.

This is true. But it is all women.

All women have walked with keys between their fingers for safety.

All women have had a colleague make a joke that doesn't sit quite right.

All women.

Thousands of women didn't march the streets around Australia last Friday for the sake of it.

They are hurting. Everyone is hurting.

It is time we all listened and changed things for the better.

We must act now.

Originally published as EDITORIAL: Our women deserve action. Now.


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