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Mark Bright. Arthur Gorrie

Brand new future for green Valley

A SHOWCASE environmental eco centre made it to number two in the Mary Valley’s planning for future goals last week, just behind a plan to create a nationally and internationally known Mary Valley “brand.”

“Lack of unity” rated top of the list on things to drop.

Marc Bright wants his “eco centre” idea to reflect all the others and possibly to form the basis of a future “biosphere” in the Mary Valley, a centre for environmentally sound technological, economic and community development.

The ideas were raised during a community meeting at Kandanga Hall last week, led by community motivator, Peter Kenyon.

Gympie Mayor Ron Dyne yesterday confessed that he normally had reservations about “meetings with butcher’s paper” but said this one had worked well with Mr Kenyon as facilitator.

Attendees wrote down their ideas and then voted on their favourites, to attain a consensus on things to achieve and things to change or dump.

An enthusiastic Mr Bright told The Gympie Times he had developed the idea with the aid of Kilkivan district indigenous food and medicine expert, Eugene Bargo.

He said he had put forward the idea at the Kenyon meeting because he felt it would help maintain and raise the Valley’s environmental and business profile if it could boast “an environmentally and energy efficient showcase precinct.”

He felt an ideal location would be “Ground Zero” at Traveston Crossing, where the dam would otherwise have been built.

He hoped the idea would generate attention and energy and raise the area’s profile with creative and energetic people likely to take an interest in the area.

He said he had been consulting with the Bush Skills for Country program, with Mr Bargo, because of his interest in revegetation, bush food and indigenous culture.

The idea would depend on community involvement, he said, particularly from significant organisations like Landcare, the Mary River Catchment Co-ordinating Committee and the Burnett-Mary Regional Group.

The BMRG’s involvement in a planned Cooloola and Fraser Coast Biosphere, to link up with the Noosa Biosphere to provide an important possible direction for the area.

He said the idea would “show the Mary Valley brand,” with local agricultural and manufacturing products showcased and promoted.

He added that the Mary Valley brand had already worked on him, with plans to move to the Valley from Widgee.

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