Map of earthquakes across australia including the one off BowenPhoto: Contributed
Map of earthquakes across australia including the one off BowenPhoto: Contributed Contributed

Earthquake shakes North Queensland coast

A 3.9-magnitude earthquake has struck off the coast of Airlie Beach.

Recorded by Geoscience Australia, the earthquake measured 3.9 magnitude and at a depth of 3km.

It was recorded at 11.12pm Thursday, lasting about 34 seconds.

It is estimated that this earthquake could have been felt by people up to 56km away.

The earthquakes was felt by residents in the region including Mackay Harbour, Andergrove and Cape Gloucester Resort.

Your reactions:

Angelita Clements: I heard rumbling but the ground didn't shake. At least we know what it was now. Scary we are getting a few lately. Hope it's not building up to a big one. It's a worry.  

Kerry Dunk: Never heard or felt anything.  

Belinda Johnson: It woke me up.    

Sue Hurt: Nothing at Glenella...  

Eve Katthagen: I knew it! I thought it was in my head! Dylan Katthagen.

Cathy Robson: No - didn't feel anything here - West Mackay.  

Diana Stevens: We felt it at Cape Gloucester Resort.   

Cas Garvey: Felt it at Mackay Harbour.  

Lillian Riley: Felt it in Andergrove, Mackay.  

Did you feel the earthquake?

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In August this year an earthquake was felt in Mackay and surrounding areas.

The 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of Bowen about 2.30pm on August 18.

The quake lasted about 40 seconds.

It was the second biggest ever on the east coast of Australia.

Geoscience confirmed it was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Bowen; initially they said there was the possibility of a tsunami but later confirmed there was no tsunami warning.

Reports started coming in from all around North Queensland

Aftershocks up to 4.1 magnitude recorded after the initial earthquake.

Mayor Greg Williamson was being interviewed by The Daily Mercury as the quake hit, listen:

How residents reacted:

From Mackay:

Mackay's Jarryd Townson was touring the fourth floor of a building, where he'd just signed a new lease, when the earthquake struck.  

"I was interested to see if this was a regular occurrence," Mr Townson said, with a laugh.  

"But it's still standing. It's a very sturdy building."    

From Clermont:

Danny McKay at Clermont said he felt it driving home from work, and his wife told him the house shook a bit.   "It was a bit eerie," he said.      

From Collinsville:

TINA Perrin was in Collinsville at the time of the tremor working from a donga.  

She said the tremor was a slow building energy that felt like it was coming "from deep within the earth, then the building shook."   "

We have blasts here often but it was longer and more drawn out than a blast so we knew it wasn't a blast."  

"Everyone was buzzing after it."      

From Cannonvale:

Shoppers at the Whitsunday Shopping Centre were among those rocked by the earthquake.   Sandy Kennedy was shopping Coles when it occurred around 2.30pm.

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