Gympie’s Lachlan Keeffe.
Gympie’s Lachlan Keeffe. Renee Pilcher

Earning his Pie stripes

FEELING a bit sore yesterday after his Collingwood debut, Lachlan Keeffe said it was good to get his first game as a Magpie out of the way.

Originally told he could play in the forward line during Sunday's record win against North Melbourne at the MCG, Keeffe ended up playing a variety of positions.

North Melbourne went down 30 to Collingwood's 147 – the 117 point loss was a record – in 1937 they lost by 113.

“It's my fourth year at the club, it's been a while but a good journey and I've enjoyed most of my time,” the former Gympie student said.

“Hopefully I'll get another gig next week.”

Keeffe, who is on a bit of a high after the game, said it was hard to tell what the match committee were thinking but he had some “pretty positive” signs that he might get another run in the Pies jersey next weekend.

Coach Mick Malthouse decided to put Keeffe in a few different positions.

“We had a big lead and he decided to give me a bit of experience.”

Keeffe said while he enjoyed being up front he had been playing in the back line during his time in the VFL. And he is happy to have had just as much game time as anyone else.

“It's a bit more surreal now than when I first started. I was finishing high school and putting in my uni preferences. Now it's pretty amazing.

“You do pinch yourself when you're first there. Then you have to earn your stripes and hopefully I deserve a spot on the team.”

The first quarter was tight Keeffe said, but he had heard that the score was a record.

“It's funny, the old man said that. During the match it's hard to tell. I was worried about playing my role and didn't notice we had beaten them by 100 plus points.

“I played my part in the team and a had a couple of good quarters. I'm happy but not satisfied.” Keeffe hopes to play better next time.

At the end of the game he was initiated into the Collingwood ranks.

Standing in the middle of the room his team-mates sang the team song and poured energy drinks and water on him.

“I was drenched and it was really cold. I knew it was coming.”








Date of Birth:

March 14, 1990

Junior Club:

Amateurs of Old Trinity



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