Smoker inhaling on cigarette
Smoker inhaling on cigarette Photo Warren Lynam / Sunshine Co

Durrie wars: Gympie locals weigh in

The opinion piece decrying the 'draconian' laws to where Australian smokers can or cannot light up has divided Gympie Times readers.

Are these regulations a way to keep us safe from the harmful effects of cigarettes? Or another intrusion by government into our lives? Here's what you had to say.

"I have never been a smoker, I used to loath coming out of pubs or clubs smelling of smoke or having the table next to me light up,” Suzannah Arkle said.

"But I do think some of the laws have gone a bit far, at the end of the day it is their health they are endangering - drinkers are more dangerous.”

Leanne Jones-Pfitzner felt the heavy taxes and costs now imposed on cigarettes were becoming ridiculous.

"It's time people start asking where all the taxes made from cigarettes go to,” she said.

"Yes it's a person's choice to smoke, just like drinking.

"There are people who are suffering from lung cancer and have never smoked a day in their lives.”

Scott Lucas had no problems with smokers - so long as they keep it within their home.

"So no one else has to smell it or take in the smoke passively,” he said.

"So just keep it inside the home if you have to - that way you can smoke and not bother others.”

"I hate smoking with a vengeance, even though I've been doing it for 5- years,” local 'Jr Ric' said.

"I do understand non-smokers don't want or need smoke in their face, but when you look at the bigger picture - there are far more dangerous and poisonous chemicals floating around in the air.”

Here are some other thoughts from Gympie Times readers

Jane Stuart: Focus on the drug problem that causes crime, assault and death. This is getting ridiculous, drinking alcohol does more damage to our community than smoking does, yet we have pubs all through the main street.

David Morgan: I don't smoke but its each to their own. Leave them alone and if they want to smoke, who cares.

Mia Chop Ka: I think food allergies are way more important yet everywhere you go, people are eating - I don't ask them to move or wash their hands or keep their kids out of the playgrounds.

Jacob Cumner: I'm a smoker and it is silly there are so many restrictions. I'm respectful, never smoke around large groups and if there are kids I'll gladly put my smoke out. I'm just sick of the restrictions and the 'lectures'.

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