IT WAS the Harlem Shake of our winter; the inherently spreadable Ice Bucket Challenge that swept through Gympie and the rest of the world.

And just when you thought it had safely passed, Acting Mayor Tony Perrett yesterday had the bucket tipped on him.

Cr Perrett accepted the challenge from his friend and former colleague Ray Currie, and then challenged all mayors in the Wide Bay Burnett to do the same.

Mr Currie and Cr Mark McDonald made no secret of the good-natured pleasure they took in icing Cr Perrett in Memorial Park yesterday.

Both men's lives have been turned upside down by motor neurone disease, the main recipient of money generated through the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Cr Perrett was lucky to have warm spring weather for his icing. He admitted to having had a "cold shower or two" in his time, but nothing that involved ice.

It was for a worthy cause, he said, and he was happy to do it.

"Do I look excited?" Cr Perrett asked, towel at the ready.

The Ice Bucket Challenge - originally called the ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - one of four strands of motor neurone disease) Ice Bucket Challenge, involves dumping a bucket of ice water on someone's head.

It went viral on social media in July-August - generating more than 1.2 million Facebook videos and 2.2 million mentions on Twittter - and many people have gone on to donate their money to other charities.

Not everyone has joined the phenomenon; some less-charitable observers referring to it as "a middle-class wet T-shirt contest for armchair clicktivists".

But despite this, the number of participants who have climbed on board seems to reinforce the alternative opinion, that marrying the internet's love of challenges with donation and charity was a stroke of genius.

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