Drunk pest convicted

“EVEN the drunkest of men wouldn’t walk into a house full of armed men and refuse to leave,” lawyer Greg Wildie said of his client’s “bizarre” run-in with the army last month.

Mr Wildie was in Gympie Magistrates Court defending a client who was charged with trespass and public nuisance for walking into a private Cooloola Cove house rented by the army for training exercises.

The court heard a heavily intoxicated Ryan James Hammersley, 26, refused to leave and had to be dragged outside by soldiers when he tried to touch their weapons.

Hammersley then followed army personnel into another home, took tobacco from a table and swore at the local residents, wanting to fight their children in the yard. He was taken away by police.

“These almost sound like something out of a Monty Python skit,” Magistrate Maxine Baldwin said, adding that his history meant a tougher penalty. She sentenced him to a month in jail, suspended for a year.

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