Drunk man spat at security guard

A SECURITY guard who acted on complaints from women about a man’s behaviour in a Gympie hotel was spat at when removing the man from the premises, Gympie Magistrates Court has heard.

Police officers patrolling Mary Street on a Saturday night in January spotted a disturbance outside Billy’s Hotel just after midnight.

It appeared to them as though a bouncer was in an argument with a man they later identified as Shane James Yule, 45.

Officers said Yule was acting aggressively and appeared agitated and heavily intoxicated.

The bouncer told police officers what happened inside the hotel and Yule was told to leave the area.

The court heard if Yule had done what he was told, it would not have become a criminal matter.

However, he attempted to walk back into Billy’s and was arrested.

One of the officers grabbed him by the wrist to lead him out and Yule attempted to kick him.

He was charged with assaulting or obstructing a police officer and for failing to leave licensed premises.

During their investigation of the incident, police learned that Yule had threatened to bash the bouncer and pushed away while he was being led outside.

At some point during the incident Yule spat in the bouncer’s face and for that he was charged with common assault.

Yule, of Wide Bay Highway, Kilkivan, pleaded guilty to the charges and was sentenced to one month in jail, but had it suspended for two years.

He was also placed on an intensive corrections order for 12 months.

In another matter, Gympie Magistrates Court heard that a disturbance at a Henry Street home ended up developing into charges being laid against the residents.

The court heard police were called to deal with a commotion at Natalie Brown’s home on July 24 and copped an earful of abuse when they arrived.

They said Brown greeted them with a tirade of abuse, and she and two other members of her family were charged for their behaviour.

Brown, 39, had limited criminal history, but by pleading guilty to committing a public nuisance, she breached a good behaviour bond placed on her for another behavioural offence.

“I’m not a consistent drinker…but when I do I drink too much,” Brown said. “Drinking’s become my undoing.”

Brown’s bond of $300 was forfeited and she was fined $100 for breaching it.

For the current offence she was placed on a $400 bond to be of good behaviour for six months.

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