Letters: Drug crime needs to be adressed

Letters:  IT IS well documented that most crimes committed against property and persons are drug-related.

Robbery with violence is high on the agenda of those desperate to finance daily drug fixes.

Soft targets include the elderly and the vulnerable. Criminals addicted to drugs are predatory and cowardly, seeking whom they can destroy by violence and surprise without contest.

Knives, commonplace and easily obtained, are the weapons of choice for the desperate in dire need of quick cash.

While many places are hit by criminals where lone assistants work, including taxis at night especially, daytime attacks are becoming more common as offenders grow more desperate and care little for those caught up as victims or witnesses.

Bus drivers with no on-board security, apart from CCTV, are attacked regularly by the addicted and aggressive.

Anti-social behaviour is more the norm than the exception, as the world becomes a dangerous place to live and work.

Easy money becomes harder as the law cracks down on crime in our communities and security is tightened in many venues.

Because our public transport workers are subjected to abuse, attack and robbery, it highlights the need for greater proactive security.

Bolting down the money seems to be commonsense.

The fact that drivers in this state aren't protected against theft and attack behind screens, needs to be addressed also.

Those with a penchant for crime know who they can easily confront with little resistance.

The courts have a lot to answer for repeated offenders walking free.

Criminals know authorities cannot contain this epidemic and crime pays well.

E. Rowe,


Gympie Times

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