Driving us insane

A DRIVER who was cut off by another vehicle on Tin Can Bay Road got more than he bargained for when he retaliated by tailgating and flashing his lights, Gympie Magistrates Court heard.

Brian Allan Robert Wehrmann, 59, had pulled out from Bayside Road in his much slower car on August 13 and took offence at the actions of the driver following him.

He pulled over and the other vehicle parked behind him, however it was alleged in court that Wehrmann came out of his car holding a knife.

The court heard he put it away and took out a lump of wood and smashed the passenger side of the complainant’s vehicle.

Wehrmann said he never had a knife or a lump of wood but admitted to smashing the car window with his fist.

The investigating police officer believed him when he saw the skin off Wehrmann’s knuckles and he was charged with wilful damage.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin said she could see why the other driver was frustrated at Wehrmann cutting him off.

“You couldn’t accelerate so he started flashing then you pulled over and it was on,” she said.

“Did you think of letting him pass?”

Wehrmann said he thought the other vehicle was much further away and told the court he suspected the driver had been speeding.

He told Mrs Baldwin he became frustrated by the flashing lights and tailgating so he pulled over.

“I was protecting my other half – (that was) why I hit the window. I didn’t think it would break,” he said.

Mrs Baldwin said drivers’ impatience on the road was “driving us all insane” and placed Wehrmann on a bond to be of good behaviour for three months.

Four hundred dollars was sought from Wehrmann for the damages and he was given four months to pay it.

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