Study proves bad drivers get bad karma

NEW research by the state's peak motoring body has found bad-mannered drivers were more likely to make other drivers behave in the same way.

RACQ has commissioned a landmark study through the University of the Sunshine Coast into driver behaviour and the stresses motorists face on Queensland roads.

RACQ executive manager technical & safety policy Steve Spalding said the initial findings confirmed the common belief that there is such a thing as "driving karma".

"Our research found most drivers will exhibit the same courteous behaviours shown towards them, while acting impolitely toward another driver increases the chance of a rude reply," Mr Spalding said.

"It's a domino effect, with drivers appearing to believe in karma behind the wheel and the benefits of paying it forward."

Mr Spalding said the research also found there were three main types of driver stress, the environment, other road users and issues facing the individual themselves.

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