Jail for disqualified drivers

TWO “walking examples” of what Gympie Magistrate Maxine Baldwin constantly warns people against becoming, walked out of court through “the door” to serve time in jail for driving while disqualified.

After pleading not guilty for months to charges of disqualified driving, it was a different Joshua Alan Jardine who appeared before the magistrate yesterday to admit his guilt.

Knowing full well a prison sentence awaited him, Jardine’s head hung low as the police prosecutor read the facts of the charges.

The court heard Jardine, 23, drove on May 14, 2009, while his licence was disqualified for two years up until April 2010.

Seven days later, Jardine was caught driving again on May 21 and this time his car was forfeited because he was a repeat disqualified driving offender.

“Clearly this is a very distressing case. You seem to not understand driving is a privilege and that’s why you continued to thumb your nose at the courts,” Mrs Baldwin said.

She said it appeared Jardine started off in 2004 with motor vehicle-type offences, SPER suspensions for not paying fines and a demerit point suspension.

In 2006 Jardine was disqualified for drink driving, but saw no need to go back and obtain a licence and was picked up driving again and disqualified for three months.

Jardine couldn’t resist the temptation of getting behind the wheel and was picked up by police again for disqualified driving and copped a two-year disqualification period that took him up to April 2010.

“It is regrettable knowing you were picked up (the first time) and blatantly drove one week later, ignoring the (court order).

“That behaviour shows little respect for the community, for the courts and certainly no respect for the road rules,” Mrs Baldwin said.

“A prison sentence is the last resort and I think you knew when you drove the second time that you were dicing with that.”

Jardine was convicted and sentenced to three months jail to be released on parole in three weeks. His licence was disqualified for three years.

In another driving matter, Paul Anthony Beck, 36, went to jail for 15 months to serve nine months for driving while disqualified on December 30.

The court heard he had already served one year in jail for driving while disqualified. He had previously lost his licence for the maximum of five years.

He was disqualified from driving for another five years and asked if he would keep driving disqualified until he got a prison term to match.

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