Katrina Gardner has been fined for not paying her vehicle registration after a computer error.
Katrina Gardner has been fined for not paying her vehicle registration after a computer error. Renee Pilcher

Drivers cry foul on rego

CAUGHT between a Transport Department error and a zealous police traffic operation in Gympie this week, one Gympie woman says she and her husband have lost two days’ work and been hit with a $320 fine for lawfully driving a roadworthy and registered car.

In what seems to be another case of major state government computer failure, she says many Queensland motorists may be in the same situation, if they have recently paid vehicle registration fees via computer.

The lesson, she says, is that Transport Department receipts do not seem to be recognised by police as valid proof of payment.

Katrina Gardner and her husband Aaren on Tuesday showed The Gympie Times her print-out receipt for $503 for six months’ registration.

A Transport Department spokesperson yesterday confirmed that the department had been advised of “processing issues” with its BPay provider “which affected some payments”.

As Katrina Gardner hurried to work on Monday from her Settler’s Close home, she was stopped by a member of the police State Traffic Task Force and asked if she had a current registration sticker for her car.

“I told him I didn’t and showed him my receipt for $503, for six months rego, which I paid on June 16.

“He checked on the police computer and came back to tell me my receipt had not been verified,” she said.

“He gave me a ticket for driving an unregistered vehicle and said I had until 1pm to sort it out. But when I looked at the ticket, he had only given me a permit to drive the car home.”

To meet the 1pm deadline, she had to borrow her husband’s car from his workplace and go to Transport Department. This meant she could not get to work that day and that meant the loss of a day’s casual pay.

“I’d been trying to get extra shifts and I’d only just succeeded and we need the money,” she said.

“So I went to the Transport Department in Aaren’s car and went to the counter to say the rego had been paid and here’s the receipt.

“I told the woman at the counter I’d just been fined and I wanted to know what’s going on.

“She came back and told me there had been a computer problem which would affect people who had paid their registration on June 16 or 17.”

As the continuing Queensland Health pay debacle continues, the problem means thousands of Queensland motorists could be joining health workers as victims of state government computer failures.

The government spokesperson said the department was working with the customer and police to resolve the case. “The department was notified of processing issues from its BPay provider – the Commonwealth Bank – which affected some payments made via BPay. These issues have now been rectified,” the spokesperson said.

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