Driver crashes in front of police

POLICE officers dealing with a traffic matter at a Bruce Highway intersection in Gympie on August 14 heard screeching tyres and turned to see a car spin 180 degrees before crashing into the curb.

Darren O’Brien, 44, had been waiting at the lights to enter the highway and took the corner “too fast”, leaving skid marks on the road as he turned right into the southbound lane.

Police officers were busy with the other matter and called for backup when O’Brien became hostile and aggressive. Officers breathalysed O’Brien and arrested him on charges of drink driving, obstructing police and driving without due care and attention.

Defence solicitor Corey Jenkins said his client had been through a traumatic event that day, which led him to seek solace in a bottle (of alcohol).

“(O’Brien) instructs me that he usually stops at two drinks...on this day one thing led to another,” he said. “The car is vintage - he has trouble handling it at the best of times.”

The court heard O’Brien’s blood alcohol concentration was .113 per cent. “He deeply regrets his actions,” Mr Jenkins added.

O’Brien, of Gericke Road, Woondum, was disqualified from driving for one month and fined $200 for driving without due care and attention. For drink driving he was disqualified for a further six months and fined $930. For obstructing police he was sentenced to one month in prison suspended for 12 months.

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