He turned his headlights off and sped away on a Toowoomba street.
He turned his headlights off and sped away on a Toowoomba street.

This driver proved to be no shining light

TURNING the headlights off and speeding away from a police patrol was always going to raise the suspicions of officers as a Toowoomba man has found out.

Christopher David Rhodes knew his driver's licence was disqualified and that he shouldn't have been driving when he spotted a police patrol on Northland St about 12.55am on September 16.

When he turned into Charlotte St and turned his headlights off before speeding away, the police patrol followed, Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard.

The officers saw the car pull up in a driveway, then appear to rock from side to side as there appeared movement inside the car.

Police arrived to find Rhodes seated in the back seat without a seatbelt on while his passenger remained in the front passenger seat with a seatbelt on.

Rhodes told police he didn't know where the driver was and that "Lockie" had been driving but ran off after he pulled up, police prosecutor Rowan Brewster-Webb told the court.

However, police had suspected Rhodes had been the driver and had climbed into the back seat after stopping the car, he said.

A check of his driving record found the 29-year-old had been disqualified from driving by the court in January this year.
Rhodes pleaded guilty to disqualified driving and driving without headlights.

His solicitor Claire Graham, of Bouchier Khan Lawyers, told the court her client's disqualification arose from a driving offence in 2012 to which he had tried to plead guilty in writing before relocating interstate.

However, he had only been dealt with for that this year when he was given the two-year disqualification.

This night her client had been at the hospital with his sister who had been sick and his partner, who was with him, was unlicensed and so he had driven home.

It would have been better off if his partner had driven as the truck driver would now be without his licence for a further two years, she said.

Her client was just about to start work making explosives for the mining industry, Ms Graham submitted.

Magistrate Damian Carroll fined Rhodes $1250 and disqualified him from holding or obtaining a driver's licence for the mandatory two years.

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