"Drive like a Volvo driver"

AT first officers thought it was a joke – a Cooran youth’s excuse for driving without due care and attention in a Nissan Silvia was that he usually drove a Volvo.

But in Gympie Magistrates Court on Thursday, Ayden John Glassick’s solicitor, Chris Anderson, said his client’s story was true.

“(Glassick) instructs me that he does normally drive an automatic Volvo and was not used to the type of vehicle he was driving (when he committed the offence),” he said.

The court heard Glassick, 17, revved the motor and spun the wheels, screeching the tyres around the roundabout and taking off up Caledonian Hill on February 19.

Magistrate Maxine Baldwin spoke to Glassick and included “all the rest of the 17-year-old hoons” when she told him of the concern in the community about his driving behaviour.

“Every time I walk down the street I get comments like, ‘What are you going to about all those kids (hooning) around the streets?’,” she said.

Glassick, of Edward Street, was placed on six month’s good behaviour with the condition he attend a driver attitude workshop. He was told he would have to drive like a Volvo driver for the next six months.

Gympie Times

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