Drinker called 000 to hitch a ride

A KILKIVAN man, who made a number of 000 calls requesting an ambulance, told police officers he wanted a lift to Gympie to go drinking.

Despite this, Mervyn John Rose, 54, pleaded not guilty to one charge of improperly using the emergency call service and two counts of assault or obstructing police from an incident at his home in early 2009.

When the matter was finally dealt with in Gympie Magistrates Court this month, Rose was found guilty and placed on a good behaviour bond for six months.

The court heard Rose had been warned many times not to use the 000 call service when he did it again on February 10 2009, threatening to hurt himself with a knife.

When police officers arrived at his Kilkivan home on February 10, 2009, Rose said he wanted an ambulance to look at his sore feet and drive him to Nambour.

He appeared drunk and wouldn’t open the door for fear of being arrested but, while officers were there, Rose got on the phone to Caboolture police — connected through a 000 call.

It was decided he wasn’t in any danger of self harm and he was warned again not to make any more 000 calls that weren’t of an urgent nature.

It was explained to him that he put lives at risk but at 5.30pm and again at 6.20pm he made further 000 calls requesting an ambulance and to complain about police.

Police and an ambulance turned up at about 7pm and paramedics checked Rose and told him he did not require medical assistance or require to be taken to hospital for treatment.

When police officers spoke to him about making the calls, he kicked one of them in the shin. Rose was placed under arrest and struggled with the other officer.

The court heard Rose was arrested under similar circumstances two days prior and one-and-a-half weeks earlier and police said they attended several incidents where no action was taken.

On one of these occasions, Rose admitted he called 000 because he wanted to get a lift to Gympie to go drinking.

Rose, of School Street, Kilkivan, was placed on a good behaviour bond.

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