Drink driver crashes car into tree

WITH an illegal blood alcohol concentration of .306 per cent in her system, Nikki Louise Cavanough was lucky not to have hurt herself or anybody else when she drove and hit a tree, Gympie Magistrates Court heard.

When Cavanough, 41, faced a charge of driving while under the influence of alcohol, she said she had been drinking at home alone before deciding to get in her car and find some company.

Cavanough was on her way to a friend’s house but didn’t arrive at her destination; she veered off the road and hit a tree.

Emergency services were called to the crash at 10.50pm on August 10 and after ambulance officers assessed Cavanough as uninjured, police officers believed her to be over the legal alcohol limit. They said Cavanough appeared unsteady on her feet and “reeked” of alcohol, so she was breathalysed and arrested.

The court heard Cavanough, of Mary Valley Road, was convicted of a similar offence in 2008. She was placed on probation for 15 months and was disqualified from driving for 20 months.

In another drink driving matter dealt with in Gympie Court, Wilson Lloyd Birch, 25, was fined $1200 and disqualified from driving for six months for being over the legal alcohol limit when he crashed his car at Jones Hill on July 17. Birch, of McIntosh Creek Road said a hit on the head after a drinking session with mates sent him into a spin. He realised his mistake after he had driven down the road and said he hadn’t got very far when he turned around to go back and put his foot down too hard on the accelerator and hit a tree.

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