Dredging to start in Tin Can Bay

IT HAS taken months of negotiating but Tin Can Bay's Coast Guard has finally been granted approval to dredge silt under their hydro-lift at the marina.

Former-Commander Jim George said the problem had been ongoing for a few years.

He explained silt had built up under their large rescue vehicle's hydro-lift meaning the boat could no longer be housed near their headquarters.

Instead it has been kept in slightly deeper water, near the trailers or adjacent house boats, at the marina.

Which was not ideal, Mr George said, as proper maintenance could not be completed with the vessel constantly in the water.

"It took eight months to get approval," Mr George said.

"It was a long process."

Gympie Regional Council and the State Government had to sign off on the deal before the dredging could take place.

Mr George said dredging would start on Monday and continue through until next weekend.

"This will put us back operational, with our rescue vessel back on the hydro-lift," he said.

"There will be signage at the marina.

"We will make sure the public are protected."

Only the coast guard's water lease area will be dredged.

The silt will be pumped straight from the dredge to a truck and dumped at the approved spot, on the other side of the marina's car park.

Mr George said the area had been nominated as a beach nourishment area.

"There will be no inconvenience to the boating public," he said. "People will just need to be careful driving in and out."

There will be minimal disruption, Mr George said, with traffic stopped for about five minutes every two hours.

"We still want people to be careful."

Mr George stepped down from the position of Commander in December last year, Harley Moss took over, but Mr George still volunteers for the organisation.

The coast guard runs on generous donations from the Gympie Region.

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