'Don't dance with Adani': CQ marches against $1b loan

A passionate rally ran down the streets of Yeppoon today to veto Adani
A passionate rally ran down the streets of Yeppoon today to veto Adani Malcolm Wells.

MORE than 100 passionate anti-Adani marchers sent a clear message in Yeppoon streets today- stop Adani.

The peaceful march, organised by 350 Central Queensland, aimed to send politicians and candidates a strong message to start listening to the people and stop "this climate wrecking mega-mine" from taking shape.

Volunteer at 350CQ, Thomas Henderson, said the atmosphere among protesters was very passionate and he felt their message was heard loud and clear.

After Annastacia Palszczuk's announcement to veto the $1b NAIF loan to build the railway line to Adani's coal mine, Thomas and the supporters of her bold move were calling on the leaders of LNP and One Nation to do the same.

"Recent polling shows that three quarters of Australians do not want this loan to go ahead and think that Adani should fund their own infrastructure" he said.

"The Australian public understands how crazy it is to be using public money to support a project that Traditional Owners oppose.

"It's time our politicians and candidates understand and listen to the people and veto the loan."

The dedicated group gathered in Beaman Park after the march to rally with guest speakers and like-minded residents.

Chantelle James, volunteer at 350CQ, says the mine will be a "disaster for our climate" and Great Barrier Reef.

"We don't want a billion dollars of tax-payers money going to a billionaire to build a railway line for coal," she said.

"We want to see a billion dollars invested in renewable energy infrastructure in Northern Australia instead for a brighter, cleaner energy future."

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