Senior Constable Gavin Cummings shows off the fake note (left) and the real $10 note (right).
Senior Constable Gavin Cummings shows off the fake note (left) and the real $10 note (right). Craig Warhurst

Don't be fooled by counterfeits

POLICE suspect a number of fake $10 notes are floating around the Gympie region after finding one among their own.

A friend of a Gympie police officer contacted the station after discovering he was in possession of a counterfeit note.

It is firmly believed that more fake $10 notes are in circulation however, no other reports have been received.

Officer in charge Senior Sergeant Graeme Reeves asked residents to be on the lookout for fake notes and to report any discovery of counterfeit money.

He said counterfeiters relied on the general public's complacency to get away with the crime and often dispersed smaller notes over the bar at hotels and nightclubs.

The fake $10 note in police possession was first noticed by a Gympie RSL employee when a man in his 40s attempted to purchase a bingo ticket with a suspicious note.

He contacted police immediately, not knowing how or when it had come into his possession.

Snr Sgt Reeves said the Gympie community needed to be vigilant when handling money.

He said easy targets were places where money was handed over quickly; like the Gympie Show.

The fake $10 note has been forwarded to the Australian Federal Police.



To determine a counterfeit, compare it with a banknote known to be genuine.

Examine the clear window. The area around the window is uniformly smooth to touch.

Within the windows are printed images or patterns and in all banknotes (except the Queen $5) there is embossing that is only visible at certain angles.

Feel the banknote. A genuine banknote is printed on polymer (plastic) and has a distinctive feel.

Endeavour to tear the banknote. It is difficult to start a tear along an edge of a genuine banknote.

Feel the print. Slightly raised printing called intaglio, is used for the main design elements, such as the portraits.

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